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     After Christmas, damn near everyone will have a digital "personal assistant".   They are cheap as an add-on to smartphones and she/he/it is useful, i.e., weather, time, reminders, ordering, etc.  Most users will not know the extent of the tech capability, including specialized curative skills, such as news, stories, academics, and.....well, just plain old conversation with a digital friend that can be summoned to converse about virtually anything. 

     My first take understanding is that this audio experience happens by simply telling Alexa, "let's chat".  It is availed by Amazons having linked to specialized servers that run AI conversation programs that Amazon  invited universities to develop and install.  Generically, these conversation apps are referred to as "chatbots". They are in my grasp,  massive algorithmically controlled sound bites, extracted and integrated from samplings of terabytes of public conversations. The accessible content is far reaching and expanding consequent to the feedback loop availed by the ongoing millions of Alexa conversations.  I don't know but I imagine the "bots" can carry on a conversation about Trump, growing tomatoes, or how "chatbots" work.

     Yes, there are some misfires and the PPP, "perfectly pristine pundits" cry Armageddon at every error, but  the transformational potential is astounding......so join in and help make God! 

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