Brad Bradshaw, MD.JD.MDZ
Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 12:40PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     Missouri voters who smoke weed should not vote this November.  Unprecedented advertising campaigns for three different initiatives regarding cannabis have caused, even the most sober, to be totally confused.  For those "high" or those who want to get "high", it is probably too steep a hill to climb.  Amendment 2, Amendment 3 or Proposition C, let's see, shall I go with 3 yes's, three no's or a blend.  My sober take is that either "Yes for 2" or "Yes for Prop C", make most sense, or at least follow the choices of earlier adopting States.

     Probably not "Amendment 3" unless you want the weasely Joplin Lawyer/Doctor, to win. Yes, the nausiating one whose TV Ads recruiting car wreck victims from a Hospital OR, run 24/7.  He is underwriting a "fake election" lottery for his own account. ......but if your just really into Brad and would like for Brad to be the Missouri Drug Czar (MDZ), controlling the future of Health Care in Missouri, along with mega millions of tax dollars, well then..... just check the Amendment 3 Box.

     OMG, if, for some unimaginable reason, a prospective Missouri voter were to read Amendment 3, they will never again be surprised when a rich, narcissistic ego maniacal ass-hole uses some of his dubiously gotten wealth to play  "dupe the electorate deplorables".  If he loses, no big deal, but if he wins, he wins the "power to tax" and an "existential high" the likes of which, the rest of us will but dream.

            Long live "Democracy".... at least as long as we don't educate the young! 

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