CNN...."Commodify Nature Nightly"
Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 06:37PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     Who among us will question CNN's claiming the Irma "high moral ground" by parading cute little reporters through "low lying ground" in hurricane winds and storm surges.  Dutifully CNN declared the storm locations wind speeds (25mph to 45 mph prevailing for Irma) while a flashing banner pulsed a color coded velocity meter showing the maximum wind gusts and water surge levels statistically related to the Assigned  Storm Catagory. CNN no doubt frightened into action  some impaired Floridians that otherwise might have stayed home at their peril.  However, the cost of this "motivational reporting"" was that thousands needlessly fled Orlando and little old ladies in Gainesville slept upstairs, fearful of drowning when the 130 mph wind would bring the 12 foot surge to their toen hundred of miles from the coast.

     Yes, CNN produced for us a wildly successful "town cryer initiative , and oh, by the way, their audience size ratings went through the roof. (Excuse the inappropriate metaphore)  Scare a 100 million, save a few disenfranchized, sell some product, turn a, my, the beauty of liberal capitalism!

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