The Expertise Spectrum
Saturday, December 23, 2017 at 12:36PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     Empathy driven liberals are obsessed with the widening wealth spectrum.  Unrelentingly "the peacock people" point to the historically grave social consequences that resulted from periods of extreme disparate income. They remind us nightly that the few cannot prosper when the many do not. This is all well and good and very likely true, but these same personally wealthy pundits focus almost exclusively on the remedy....rarely the fundamental causes.

     Without dragging out The Bell Curve or delving into CRISPR forecassts, suffice it to say that a "distribution of  general expertise graph" would look much like the "wealth distribution graph". Yes, I recognize that neurologists and backhoe operators each have their respective claimed expertise, but there is little doubt that, in most all "degree of difficulty comparisons", the equalization outcomes strongly favors the person whose claimed skill set required the more robust mental engagement.

     FYI, I offer up that we all know that the "Environmental Control Potential" of a smart-phone and a cache of installed apps is mind-blowing.  My guess is that a survey of zip codes having disparate property values would show smart-phone "non-entertainment app" usage closely correlated to the  residence property value distribution.  

     You may agree or disagree with this speculation, but in some similar comparative context you have most likely thought about this "expertise spectrum" example.       

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