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High Tea Pummels Low-T

     For weeks now the only refuge from the "Debt Crisis" coverage has been the absurd "Big Pharm" commercials misleading the nation's "Uneducated" about how to defense their miserable lives from overwhelming fatalism.  If your favorite SNRI anti depressant doesn't adequately dial you down then maybe your a low ability dude and need some "Abilify" to insure that you reach a "who gives a shit" state of mind . If to the contrary, you want to stay in the game but are just to frightened to do "Conan Behaviour", you are perhaps suffering from Low-T and need a Testosterone Hit.  For sure our articulate and even tempered Commander and Chief is of the later ilk.  Will Obama next year fall before the Tea Party juggernaut?  Who knows!  He may well successfully sell moral ism, arguing that he is the "suffering messiah" who honorably agreed to "take one for the team".  If it turns to be so, then it will be a season of "Tea and Sympathy".

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