The Branson Christian News On All Sides
Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 05:51PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

I rarely pick up the local "throw away papers' at the grocery store, but this week I picked up the current edition of the Branson Christian News.  The name was declarative  and I presumed that it would be full of anti-ObamaCare pieces.  I am always curious to read a new twist on why our impoverished community which relies principally on Medicaid/Medicare Health Services is, in spite thereof, fighting mad about "the government" daring to "force socialized medicine on us".  Actually there was very little coverage.  Indeed the owner/editor, or "steward" as he prefers, half apologized for offering that he didn't think the government was very accomplished at running businesses.

What I did find perplexing was that there were several news/editorial pieces about the relationship of the Christian Church to Government.  The expressed persuasions were all over the board.  Some were adamant that only a Christ Based Government could solve our cultures woes, while others were resolute in maintaining a rigid "separation of church and state".  Quite frankly, I hadn't thought much about the far right's "consistence problem" in, on one hand, being committed to evangelizing every little corner of the culture, including government, and, on the other hand, insisting that "the government" stay out of all private affairs.  I guess their strategy is to have half their ranks vehemently support one position and the other half vehemently support the opposite.  Now, if the far right will but divide themselves on the no less problematic Health Care dilemma, most likely the O'Reilly, Beck, Limbaugh instigators will move on and we can get to reforming our screwed up Health Care system, and MOVE ON!  

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