I just can't tell you how badly we need that Road!
Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 11:21PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     Most days during the last couple of years, I have daily crossed the Interstate on Country Music Blvd.  and proceeded  up "the strip".  Most of the local traffic with destinations north of "the strip" have exited the Interstate at Highway #248.  Those still on Country Music Blvd. West of Interstate 65 seeing the "strip going West" backup find the fast moving right lane and cut off on Roark.  Only those who know the "routes" and are going to destinations on the "strip" or to destinations south of the strip, continue past Roark.  All of those headed to destinations South of the "strip" cut off at Fall Creek by the Dick Clark theater.  (thanks for finishing the Fall Creek intersection)  So what is the point?  The point is that if someone cuts a passable road from the "strip" down the side of the mountain to intersect Roark they will have saved time only for those locals fighting the "strip" only so far as Fall Creek South.  Many of these locals come from the South and won't go north past the "strip" to avoid the backup.  Only the locals coming from the North and who are headed south of the "strip" will benefit.  With the new North/South connector on up the "strip" by Walmart those going to the Condo 
Corridor around Thousand Hills Golf Course will do just as well going on down Roark to the Walmart cutoff.  So who is left to use the Fall Creek Extension.  My guess is damn few.  I further guess that the construction cost per car mile will set a new Missouri record.

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