Perpetual Parole
Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 01:26PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

Here , "deep in the heart of traditional values", evolutionist and creationist regularly face-off as to whether this extraordinary thing called "life" is a gift from God..... or a self organizing complex system unceasingly adapting to a dynamic, but insensitve, time/space field.  I will leave these meta-questions to those impassioned students of species history such as Lewotin, Gould, Dawkings, Wilson, and of course Keith Moore.  My minimal personal contribution in this clash is to offer what seems to be an example of a complicated system that I'm pretty sure no one designed, but which flourishes here in Taney County.  The system to which I refer is the "criminal justice system"  Without reasoned planning or structured expectations our community daily goes about micro managing the lives of those among us who have "crossed the line".  While we may be short on cash for remedial education, indigent health services and green energy initiatives, we never fail to fund the cost to "hold fast" in the fight against our very locally defined "axis of evil"  At face there is nothing wrong with this legitimate function to "provide for the common defense".  It is quite another issue when you consider that in aggregate the police, staff, advisors, counselors, lawyers,  judges, prisons, half-way houses and there respective suppliers and assistants constitute a massive economic network not dependent on "the market" for their  CJ system viability.  The CJ system needs only conspire to maintain a steady flow of criminals.  My suspicion is that in todays "information rich" environment the Criminal Justice System may have discovered that stabilized processing volume is most easily achieved by "recycling".  Yes this means that offenders are selectively targeted for repeat offenses.  We need to maintain a little skepticism when the "repeat offender syndrome" is so casually invoked as "the simple truth"  Maybe we need to look a little closer. We might discover that the CJ system has found an evolutionarily attractive model.  It might be called the "Perpetual Parole Model".  Most everyone who reads this will be only spectators, a few will be direct/indirect enforcement agents and none will be draftees.  Be glad your not a draftee.  It would be a long life.         



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