Chester's One Legged Chicken
Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 01:19PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

Everyone in Branson knows that restaurants come and go by the week.  Many of the new offerings are expressions of "non-professionals" with a dream.  Sadly the aspirations rarely translate into great "dining experiences".  An example worth the noting is Chesters, on the strip.  Not having a long history in the area I don't know the proceeding names, but it's the nice little place with picture windows overlooking the river valley. Chester, (I don't know if there is a Chester) has done his best to cover all possible markets.  He does "biscuits & gravy" in the morning, "specialty burgers" at lunch and "family style pan fried chicken" on the weekend.  Hoping during the off season to keep the margins in the black, he pursues a vigorous "waste not/want not" policy.  Last weekend my sister and I ordered the chicken.  It was priced at the fairly high price of $11.95 per person, which would have been fine except that when the waitress served the "family style dishes", the entree "fried chicken dish" offered, for our party of two, one wing, one leg, and one thigh.  My inquire to the waitress arose less from my concern over value that from my curiosity as to how such a policy could have come to be.  Yes, it is tough to "hand fry chicken", but as long as your going to do it, it's not much harder to fry more, rather than less.  After all their cost was negiigible in relation to the menu price.  The clearly embarrased waitress explained that, "although not stated on the menu, it is "all you can eat, if you ask!".  It's this inventive spirit that is both the pride and prejudice of our extraordinary little town. 

PS  She did bring an extra helping and it was very, very good.  

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