Terminating Branson Timeshares/A New Profit Plan
Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 09:42PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

Branson's aging Country Music Celebrities are not the only Legends here in the picturesque Ozark Mountains. Indeed, through the boom years, much of their show business success was due to the lesser known timeshare sales legends.  You cannot find a Branson local who does know a story about that friend/neighbor/relative who "made a killing" selling timeshares.  In tandem with the "entertainment legends" these Porsche driving, Rolex appointed, fast talking "Vacation Consultants", made Branson what it is today. But alas, as the economy weakened, even the best of these "hard sell ninjas" just couldn't get Fred & Martha to contract, in spite of the singing/dancing/lodging/golf/food.  But then a funny thing happened as the "Vacation Consultants" were on their way to the unemployment lines.  They realized that those 100,000's of "timeshare owners" converted during the golden years were now desperate to unload their prized "week 32" to get out from under the obligation to pay maintence and special assessment fees.  Being savey "Vacation Consultants" who had routinely overcome the dubious economics objections of timeshare investment, they knew full well that there would be no secondary commissions to be made in the resell market.  Ebay validated this insight by offering up pages of "no bid" owner offerings on every timeshare project in town.  What they came to understand, as counter intuitive as it might have seemed, was that their past customers who had paid $5k/20k to own a timeshare would now be willing to pay $1k/$3k to disown their timeshare.  It might not enable the "hard sell ninjas"  to keep their Cabin Cruiser or Rolex, but for now, the Porsche is safe!. 

By the way, where are all of those disowned timeshare units going?


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