To "Proposition B" or not to "Proposition B"
Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 08:26AM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

Normally, there are so many "over the top" stories going down in Branson that I don't comment on state wide issues, BUT, we have all had to watch the TV commercial where this nice elderly lady solicits our vote for "Proposition B".  After being annoyed a couple of times, I listened attentively trying to understand what, In God's Name, was Proposition B.  The best I could manage was that perhaps "senior citizens" wouldn't be able to stay in their homes unless WE passed Proposition B.  There was no referral to a web site such as "Propostion",  just a "paid for by the committee" credit.  

Fortunately google knows everything and soon I was able to find the proposed legislation that, if passed, would fund the cost to set up a silly little commission to meet occasionally to try and "unionize nurses aides" under the theory that if they were unionized they would get paid better and would therefore  be more likely to keep working for the "Home Health Agency"  that the little lady on TV might call when she needs help.  Since the, "if passed", budget  for the commission is only about $500,000, someone must want a job awfully badly to be paying to run all those TV spots..  

With the world economy on the brink, the ice caps melting,  terrorism on every continent, and seven million unsold residential lots in Branson, it is absurd that time and money should be wasted on Proposition B.    I hope it will not come to be!

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